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Game Features

★ Summon, strengthen & collecting powerful SRPG’s Heroes easily in Wonder 5 Masters R!

  • Summon & strengthen your Heroes using materials acquired from Adventure.
  • Make summoned Heroes more powerful through Equipment Enhancement and Skill Upgrade.
  • Use Mana & Magic rush with summoners & upgraded Heroes.
  • Enjoy various and continuous rewards sent regularly similar to an idle games.
  • Organize your dream team from various classes (ex: crusader, magician, healer)

★ Enjoy a deeper SRPG experience through tactical choices and an epic SRPG story!

  • Execute your tactics by dragging skills in Wonder 5 Masters R
  • Be the Knight of Truth and save the world from the God of Darkness, Palimay.
  • Strategize by using various idle heroes (from crusader to healer) for your tactics! They have different exciting skills!

★ Wider variety with several SRPG Heroes and 10 different game modes!

  • Find the Hero that suits your tactics!
  • Form and show your tactics by choosing 5 idle heroes (like crusader, magician, healer) to build a team in Wonder 5 Masters R
  • Experience various modes like Adventure, Dimension Explorer, War of Honor, and Dimensional Predator which all users from sw can participate in!

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Wonder 5 Masters Reboot Official Trailer II


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