"Received training from the finest swordsman as the son a noble family. Childhood friends with Jag."

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Deep Sea Cactus (HP +2717) 

Found in:
Grineema Mine Shaft 6
Grineema Mine Shaft 8
Cyrag Ruins 8

Life Seal ( P. ATK +216) 

Found in:
Snowfield Mountain Range 6
Grineema Mine Shaft 1

Obliterating Mana Oil (M. DEF +282) 

Found in:
Snowfield Mountain Range 8
Grineema Mine Shaft 3
Core of the Ruins 4

Fire Dragon Claw (Critical Hit +53, Hit +107, Evasion +7) 

Sharp Sickle (5)
Found in:

Sand of Life (5)

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